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After a long break from CF Tennis Academy Tournaments due to the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium we saw the return of the highly anticipated Friday Tournaments.

This Friday we began with the 14 & Under’s Boys event, shortly followed by the 14 & Under’s Girls event. After a long morning and early afternoon of battling it out we reached the semi-finals stage where in the Boys category Elias Anwar faced Hercules Gerousis 6/5 (7/2)along with Aman Anwar taking on Carlos Nau 6/0. For the Girls draw we had Renee Acena and Bea Acena 6/0 as well as Rosaleen Aliyousef and Stefania Bojica 6/2. The finalists for the Boys event were Amar and Elias where Aman was the victor 6/3. For the Girls our winner was Rosaleen who defeated Renee in the final 6/4.

Next up, as the day began to heat up, were the 18 & Under’s Boys and Girls. For the Boys event we had semi-finals between Dagi Teodoros and Kamil Talih 6/1 followed by Hercules Gerousis and Safi Manna 6/2. After a hotly competed event it came down to Hercules Gerousis and Dagi Teodoros as our final two, where Hercules Gerousis was the winner 6/2. The finalists of the Girls were Bea Acena and Yasmin Abu Jaber where Bea Acena was our winner 6/1.

Thank you to everyone for participating in our events and we look forward to seeing you at the next tournaments!