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Palmer's Tennis Ladder
The Palmer's Tennis Ladder operates much like a league table. Players are ranked according to their skill levels and, once the ladder competition begins, they have the opportunity to challenge one another. Participants ascend the ladder by challenging opponents ranked higher than themselves. If successful, they either swap places with their opponent or move up in the rankings.

The beauty of a tennis ladder lies in its capacity to allow players of similar abilities to compete against each other and also challenge better players as they progress and rise through the ranks. This ladder is provided free of charge and serves as a means to establish an internal CFTennis ranking system.

1. Who's Participating?
Currently, we have over 100 participants in this ladder, making it exceptionally popular. We are proud to have such an active and engaged group of players.

2. Ladder Administrator
Coach Sadan serves as the Ladder Administrator. For any inquiries, please contact Coach Sadan via WhatsApp at 0566691628.

3. Rank the Players
We have done our utmost to rank the players using our knowledge and experience of your play. The ladder will soon rectify itself if any errors have been made.

4. Ladder Maintenance
The ladder will be maintained by Coach Sadan and all updates will be made every Monday.

Alternatively, there are plenty of sites offering tennis ladder software for a fee. They do make things a little easier, though they still require a fair bit of input from your end. You'll still need an admin to keep on top of things and it involves each member making an account on the platform, as well as submitting results themselves. Essentially, it shifts some of the work of your admin onto the players, but at a cost.
That being said, here are a couple of options for you to consider:

Global Tennis Network

5. Share & Play!
And that’s it. Our tennis ladder is now up and running and ready to be shared with the players! WhatsApp is the greatest and best tool for this. We have created a spreadsheet which will be available here so we can see necessary contact details.

6. Social Tennis Opportunities
We will have gatherings, for example, for those ranked 40-60 and from 20-50, for both doubles and singles. The possibilities are endless. Our goal is very simple - more tennis with players of similar ability.

Download Rules & Regulations