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This Friday CF Tennis Academy hosted the 12 & Under’s, the 14 & Under’s 3-set and the Del Monte Green 10 & Under’s singles events.

The day began with the 12 & Under’s boys event. The semi-final’s of the boys saw, Anurag Reddy beat Adam Nichols (6/1). Plus, Dimitris Tsalidis matched up with Carlos Nau (6/4). Our final was between Anurag Reddy and Dimitris Tsalidis where was victorious (6/). Following this we had the girls category. Firstly, in the semi-finals, we had Rosaleen Alioussef & Renee Acena (6/0) along with Tanya Nanda making her way pass Stefi Bojica (7/5). The final between Rosaleen Alioussef and Tanya Nanda resulted in Tanya Nanda as our winner (6/4).

Next up was the Del Monte Colour Series, starting with the Green 10 & Under’s boys tournament. The semi-finalists for this event were Aryan Nanda taking on Sean McCraken (4/2) followed by Anthony Moukarzel and Ege Topkoc (4/2). The winner of this event was Aryan Nanda who beat Anthony Moukarzel in the final (4/2). The girls category saw Andra Sirbu battle against Trevenah Braganza (4/0) and Archisha versus Yasmin Issa (4/2) as our semi-final match ups. The final between Andra Sirbu and Archisha resulted in Andra Sirbu as our winner (4/0).

Finally, we had the 14 & Under’s 3-set event where all competitors get to put their endurance to the test! This event will be concluded at the soonest available stage.

Congratulations and well done to all of our tournament participants today and we look forward to seeing you at the next event!