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Adult Program

CF Tennis prides itself on carrying out each and every one of our lessons to the highest standard, by hiring only premier coaches and ensuring our academy is operated with an abundance of first-rate supplies and equipment.

We take every step to ensure each client receives a first class tennis experience every time !! Every Client can Expect the Following at each Lesson:

  • Premier Standard of Coaching
  • Professional coaches who will be proficient, courteous, respectful, who are attired in uniform and prompt.
  • ITF Approved progression Tennis Balls – Red, Orange and
  • Green which demonstrate the progression of the player
  • 200 Tennis Balls on every court
  • 6 Baskets
  • Targets, Cones, Footwork Ladders

Adult Tennis Course (10 weeks)

Develop your game on the court with CFTennis!!!

  • Week 1 – Introduction Of The Game And Assessment
  • Week 2 – Developing The Forehand Groundstroke
  • Week 3 – Developing The Backhand Groundstroke
  • Week 4 – Your Movement Around The Court & Footwork Exercises
  • Week 5 – Rallying The Tennis Ball & Achieving Groundstroke Targets
  • Week 6 – The Volley. Grip and Technique
  • Week 7 – Shot Selection & Tactics
  • Week 8 – Point Simulation Drills
  • Week 9 – How To Start The Point……The Serve!
  • Week 10 – Let’s Play The Game. Matchplay.


Do you want to blitz body fat or get back into shape? Cardio Tennis is the way to do this! It is a fun, high intensity circuit style workout. Sport specific interval training increasing your speed, agility, mobility and fitness. Whether you are totally new to tennis or an avid player, this class is suitable for all. Cardio Tennis will improve your fitness ON and OFF the court.


What is your tennis level ?

Beginner ? Intermediate ? Advanced ?

Whichever level you are, CF Tennis will ensure that you are grouped with a similar standard of player so you can enjoy opportunities for match play and competition in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Want to improve your game ? Great !! Our ranking system will allow you to move up the league as you win matches !!

The League Starts on October 2nd and runs over 3 terms

Upgrade your racket and restringing – Link to restringing page.


CFT coaches will use their vast experience and knowledge of the game to show you tips for technique, tactics and strategy on court. Using your own natural style, we will show you how to achieve your best. Sessions are aimed at improving and developing stamina, speed, agility and endurance when you play the game. With a full team of instructors available for low numbers per court, the focus is very personal to your game.


Adult Evenings are available for those who want to wind down after a day in the office to come and relax under the professional instruction of the CF Tennis Pros. From specific technical teaching through to fast paced dynamic exercises and simulated point play drills. A social evening to end your busy day at work! All levels welcome, different levels will be grouped accordingly, an evening of tennis that both males and females can enjoy.


An ideal way to focus on specific areas and shots like technique of a backhand or the service action. This is for the more committed player to develop their game to a new level

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